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A Christmas nightmare

What was the last thing you did for play or fun?

I struggle with organising my time, in all honesty.

Me, trying to enjoy festive period

I am a Christian and my whole being screams against the fact that the town where I live puts a circus right on the main square around one of the most ancient Christian Church.

So, this thing 👆 was on my mind but I also managed to have some nice and pleasant activities.

For instance I became amazed by street art (graffiti) on my walk to a local grocery shop

Amazing agree?

And also this

It’s like being in an art gallery!

I also rediscovered amazing music by wonderful Liam Walker

It’s amazing!
I have his CD

Then I discovered a wonderful Turkish restaurant and heading to it for a meal with my mum next week

And I cooked a delicious vegetarian meal (I don’t eat meat any longer)

And I discovered an amazing charity shop and bought stylish shoes from there, a jacket and a couple of tops. One for me and one for my son.

And you? What fun activity did you enjoy during this month of December?

I revisited the Oldehove place and the circus looked kind of cool during the day. And Christmas happened after all for some, but because I am a Russian Orthodox I am waiting now for a Christmas in Russia and my wish to God is that the war stops before that and I can fly with my son and my mum to Moscow for festive activities.

Oldehove building and the circus

5 responses to “A Christmas nightmare”

  1. Merry Christmas Ekaterina 🎄🎆➕🕊🌹🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jeff!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Merry Christmas Jeff🎄🙏


  2. Thank you Ekaterina! Hope you & your family are having a wonderful time over the holidays!

    Thank you Jeff! I wish the same to you! It’s busy here and I struggle financially but it’s how it goes.


  3. PA: I loved this newsletter! It goes straight into the heart……



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