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Each Language has beauty in it

If you ever listen carefully to languages, you will hear a particular music in each of them. In the English language I hear Robbie Williams, Taylor Swift, and Shakespeare. It is funny, playful, mad and pure orange. If I might assign an animal to this language, it would definitely be a monkey or maybe even a cat.

            In French I hear Paris, red, passion, grace, Sophie Marceau and the raven. Raven says: “it is magique.”

            Italian is amazing. I hear nirvana, Andrea Bocelli, turquoise, amaretto, Florence and yellow. It is the colour of the sun and of feathers of the hummingbird. This bird sings the songs of delirious joy. Just like Andrea Bocelli.

            The Dutch language has a flavour that can appear as hard at first, but then becomes soft and cosy. I dream of Amsterdam in Dutch, of flat beautiful landscapes, of coffees with biscuits, of bikes, and of the most beautiful beaches. I hear dance music in it, and the colour in front of my eyes is deep blue and purple. Blue heron rules that language, always somewhere lurking, observing and blending in, challenging one towards the exploration of one’s soul. 

            Russian is the trickiest of all animals. On good days you can experience with this language a cosy winter evening near the fire, Chekhov, green colour and the healing touch of a Siberian cat.

            On bad days, however, it can bring a life sentence in a psychiatric institution, capitalism in its most unwanted form and a snake in its reversed form. Snakes are very funny animals in a normal position – they bring the healing power of transformation and make the day of all children on a visit to the zoo. In their reversed position snakes bite by injecting a deadly poison into your veins. Russian language is like the most beautiful snake. It attracts by its beauty, terrifies you, and remains enigmatic, full of mystery. I love the Russian language.

In German I hear classical music, the philosophical debates, and great discussions. If I find time, I would definitely learn it. It speaks to me of fresh yummy bread, romantic candles, and cosiness of a Christmas market.

I love languages, do you too?

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I am a doctor of philosophy, a university lecturer, and a lover of cats, fine wine, dancing, theatre, and human eccentricity. Born in the Soviet Union (Moscow), I grew up in both Russia and Donbas. I am fluent in four languages, and have spent all my adult life studying (except from 18 to 19) working and living throughout Western Europe. Despite a surname-Netchitailova- that translates from Russian into English as “unreadable”, my great passions in life are reading and writing. My personal struggles have made me appreciate the manifestations of weirdness that exist everywhere. My novel ‘Elena: A Love Story for Humankind’ telling a story of a Russian pianist, diagnosed with schizophrenia, looking for her twin sister in England, can be found on Amazon (see the link)


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