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What is psychiatry?

In order to claim back your life if you ever experienced ‘psychosis’ you need to understand what the psychiatry is, and why they are NOT helping you in the hospital. Mental health services are a different thing, as it does have nice, compassionate people who want to help you. They just don’t know how. Even some psychiatrists can be nice, once they do realise that there is no logic behind the psychiatry.
Psychiatry is an institution. It is an institution of social control, it is an institution of behaviour management, and it operates through the narrative of ‘mental illness’.
Mental ‘illness’ is a myth. Mental distress is real. Psychiatry took ‘mental distress’ under its control, and said that it is ‘medicine’. It is not. And It is also not a rigorous science.
To prove my point, you need to understand how they define ‘mental illness’. They don’t do any legitimate medical tests. They just say it is an illness. Their ‘narrative’ is based on a few trial studies where they established that something is happening in the brain (something is always happening in the brain) in some cases. You can’t generalise in medicine. In a case of diabetes, you do have a blood test which effectively shows that you have it. In case of ‘mental distress’ you don’t have such a test. Therefore, you can’t say it is an illness. But the psychiatry tells it is an illness, it tries to legitimate its own authority by inventing a myth, and effectively incorporating it as a tool to have power and control. And because they proclaimed themselves as ‘doctors’ they do have access to some medication which can help you to navigate your journey. But they don’t know how to use it, and they don’t know how the medication works precisely (especially in case of anti-psychotics).
Psychiatry acts as a mass hypnosis, and it is becoming a very dangerous thing, because behind it are real people, who are ‘distressed’ and who are destroyed by the psychiatry. If you sit at home and can’t function because of what they prescribed you, they didn’t help you, they ruined your life. If you are in the hospital detained under Mental Health Act, you are derived of your freedom, and you are not being healed or helped, you are slowly dying, because they took away your agency, your autonomy, your basic human right. If they give you injections against your will, it istorture.
You have to understand that psychiatry is not a medicine. It is everything else but not medicine. 
It is a ‘system’ which incorporated itself into our society by preying on vulnerable people, by preying on societal malaise as a whole. They produce numerous articles, which gives it a façade of some legitimacy, while if you do read their articles, you realise that something really sinister is happening.
And I will tell you what is happening. Psychiatry is like a witchcraft. They curse you. The curse happens when someone tells you ‘you are ill’. It starts from words, and because it comes from someone who has power over you, you believe in the words, and you start believing that you are ill. Hearing voices, and having visions (they call it ‘hallucinations) is NOT an illness. It is an experience of being ‘different’. But because you are distressed when it happens, you do need a safe place to process it and heal yourself, and learn how to manage your visions and voices. Psychiatry took these safe places under their control. It is psychiatric hospitals now, where they shout at you: ‘you are ill, you are mentally ill’. It is hypnosis, and it is a curse. 
Having established that, I am trying to guide you how to undo the curse first, and then claim back your sanity, your health, and your life.
You have to do it from within the system. You need to find a psychiatrist who is a real compassionate doctor in the first place (even if operating within the #psychiatry and work him to find out what works for you, but in such a way that you aren’t transformed into a zombie, but lead an active life, full of wonder, joy and happiness. My own journey of the psychiatric nightmare has lasted 18 years.
You are NOT ill.

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