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Mad people and Jobs

I wasn’t thinking about the JOB from the Bible but it kind of strikes a cord.. Back in the UK if you need to apply for a job, you have to follow a questionnaire. I was always in trouble filling it in, as it’s like talking with the devil (I did meet the character, just so you know…in real life). But so, after asking the questions about the career, education, etc, comes THE QUESTON: do you have a disability? I always answer a ‘no’ because my first reaction to that question is like someone is asking me whether I am a retard (but in a politically-correct way). You know, if at least they would put a blank space next to it- to fill in- I could say: yes, I am bipolar, and no, it is not a disability, it is a gift. But there is no blank space, so I try to be cautious. WHY DO THEY ASK ME THIS QUESTION? But it doesn’t end up there. On the next page (after I put a definite ‘no’) they repeat a question, but in different words: ‘do you think you have a disability which corresponds to…blah-blah-blah (I feel like applying for a random job now just to make sure what kind of law they mention). This, to be totally honest with you, makes me feel paranoid (and by being bipolar, it does really make feel PARANOID). Why do they want to know the answer to the question by asking it twice? Who is a retard here, I wonder? But so, going back to jobs. Of course, if you are in a reasonable state of mind, and not in psychosis (which happens to me occasionally), you always answer ‘no’. You know, all that politically-rubbish shit about being against discrimination, but the reality just shows: you don’t say you are mad if you want to get a job. Just an example. All is nice and rosy with all this anti-discrimination policy, but let’s have a careful look at dwarves. Where are they? What happened to them? Apart from being portrayed as clowns in the Wall-Street movie? So, that might be a paranoid talking in me, but I am kind of wary about the recruitment process in this country. On the other hand, I just said to the whole world that I am mad, so basically I decided that I don’t give a fuck. Yes, I wonder what will happen if I answer ‘yes’ to both questions about disability?

Since when I found a good job in another country and had to move. I miss Sheffield a lot but discrimination at work is real.

2 responses to “Mad people and Jobs”

  1. ***k them from me too. Only morons look for jobs. Genius brings job to them. But alas, I am mad too😉🕊🖤🌹🙏


  2. Yes. The JOB from the Bible I am dealing with right now and it isn’t easy.
    But since I believe in GOD and am a true Christian, I love doing it.
    Would be nice though to have some help with such thing as helping me to shop for groceries.
    I am a single mum, with the diagnosis of bipolar, trying to fit in.


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